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About Evita

EVITA (Non-Destructive EValuation and InspecTion of Primary Aeronautical Composite Structures Using Phase Contrast X-Ray Imaging) is aimed at bringing grating-based phase contrast X-ray imaging technology to Non-Destructive Evaluation and Inspection of primary and complex aeronautical composite structures, during the whole life cycle of the composite components.
VISION Leading world trade fair for machine vision

CSEM presents the project EVITA at the VISION exhibition in Stuttgart (Germany), 04-06 November 2014. Come and visit us in Hall 1, Booth A13.
Gratings Fabrication Status

The fabrication of the gratings G0, G1 and G2 as described in the deliverables T1.2 “PCI X-Ray System Specifications” and T1.4 “PCI X-Ray System Concept” is successfully continuing. The gratings being fabricated for the EVITA XPCI are very challenging and are one of the most innovative parts of the project.
The University of Manchester’s Manufacturing and Testing of EVITA Specimens

The University of Manchester is successfully manufacturing specimens with defects as described in the work package 1 and testing them with X-Ray computed tomography techniques. Some members of the EVITA Advisory Board provided real parts of aircrafts to be tested by traditional NDT methods and by the EVITA system.


Fibrous composite materials have been used in civil aviation in small quantities from the 1970s. However, it is only with the advent of the latest generation of airliners (e.g. Airbus A380) that composite materials have been extensively used in the manufacturing of safety critical primary structures. This transition is driven by the improvement in strength-to-weight ratio – sometimes by as much as 20% better – offered by composite materials compared to metals.

Consequently, the use of such materials helps reduce the fuel consumption per passenger, with regard to comparable aircraft, by up to 17%. The safe and reliable use of such light weight composites needs to be supported by research on new non-destructive inspection technology allowing characterisation and control of defect driven failure mode mechanisms. To this end, the project EVITA is developing advanced phase contrast X-ray imaging detection tools for inspecting large areas of thick composite structures.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n°314735








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